Privacy Policy

N6 Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') actively protects users' valuable personal information, and is committed to protecting the rights and interests of users by complying with relevant laws and regulations.
Users can understand what personal information the company collects, how to use it, to whom, and when to destroy through the personal information processing policy.


Article 1 Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
The company classifies personal information necessary for service provision into essential / optional information for the following purposes, and collects it after obtaining the user's consent.
1) Personal information is used to provide game services (including additional services that are directly or indirectly related).
2) Using personal information for member management, such as identifying users and verifying their identity.
3) Personal information is used to communicate notices for service operation, such as changes in terms of service, service failures, game use history, and personal information use history.
4) Using personal information for promotion notifications such as events.
5) Confirm the intention to participate in the event and use personal information for delivery of prizes to the event participants, tax processing, etc.
6) Use personal information to respond to inquiries, handle complaints, and improve user services
7) Analyzing the service usage environment through service usage records, etc., using personal information for service improvement, service advertisement considering the characteristics of users, advertisement, access frequency identification, or statistical analysis of service usage

Article 2 Personal information items to be collected and methods of collecting
The company collects only the personal information necessary when using the service, and when collecting it, it guides the user in detail and processes it with consent.
1) Required
Personal information collected to use the service (or to provide basic services)
2) Optional
Personal information collected to provide additional services in addition to the basic services
3) Items of personal information collected
1. Sign Up
- Membership sign up (required): ID, E-MAIL, password, nickname
- Linked account (Facebook, google and etc.)(Required) : Nickname, public information (name, age, gender information, etc.), E-MAIL, identification information
2. Identity verification and legal representative (Parental consent)
- Required : E-MAIL
3. Payment
- Required : Information required by payment method, such as credit card information, mobile phone number, mobile telecom operator information, and account information
4. Cancel or refund
- Required : Account holder name, bank name, account number, payment information
5. Event
- Applying Event (Optional) : E-MAIL, mobile phone number
- Prize delivery (required) : Name, mobile phone number, address
6. Customer service
- Customer identification(Required) : ID(Nickname), E-MAIL, Mobile phone number
- Customer consultation(Optional) : Name, E-MAIL, Mobile phone number, Birth date, Sex, Address, Identity verification, Payment information and etc. which is need to consultant
7. Purposes such as Service stability, preventing illegal users, protecting accounts and items, and limiting violations of laws and pneumatics terms and conditions
- Required : IP information, Access record, service use record, bad use record, download record, payment record, COOKIE, device identification information (OS information, hardware information, Mac address, advertisement identifier, etc.)
4) Method of collecting personal information
The company collects the user's personal information through service application, written, fax, customer center consultation (telephone or E-MAIL), event application page, affiliates, and creation information collection tool.

Article 3 Provision and sharing of personal information by third parties
In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the company is provided with consent if the user's personal information must be provided to a third party within the scope specified in Article 1 (Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information).
In principle, the company shall not disclose or provide the user's personal information to the outside, except in the following cases.
1) When the user agrees to disclosure or provision in advance
2) In case of obligation to submit personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations
(In cases where the provision of data is compulsory by law or when there is a request from a court, investigative agency, or other administrative agency by lawful procedures)
3) In case of violating the policy set by the company, such as the company's service terms and conditions
4) If there is sufficient reason to judge that personal information must be disclosed in order to take legal action against it by using the service to inflict mental and material damage to others
5) In the case of other reasons based on reasonable and sufficient reasons

Article 4 Consignment of personal information processing
The company receives consent when entrusting the processing of personal information to provide game services and improve user convenience, and manages and supervises the company that is entrusted with processing to safely process the user's valuable personal information, and Restricts not to be re-trusted to another company without prior approval of the company.

Article 5 Retention and period of use of personal information
In principle, the company deletes user's personal information and deletes it without delay when the purpose is achieved. However, it is an exception when it is stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations or when the user has obtained consent.
1) Login information: 1 year
2) Information related to Service use (visit record): 3 months
3) Records of consumer complaints or dispute handling: 3 years
4) Record of contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years
5) Records on payment and supply of goods, etc .: 5 years

Article 6 Termination of personal information
When the purpose of collection and use is achieved, the user's personal information is deleted without delay, and the deleting procedure and method are as follows.
1) Deleting procedure: After achieving the purpose of collecting user's personal information, delete it after storage for the storage period specified in the internal policy and other laws
2) Deleting Method
-Printing type: crushing with a grinder or destruction through incineration
-Electronic file format: delete using a technical method that cannot reproduce the record

Article 7 Rights of users and legal representatives and how to exercute
Users or legal representatives can view or correct personal information of themselves or their children under the age of 14 at any time through platform operators or app store operators. In addition, you can withdraw your consent to the collection and use of personal information by using “Withdrawal”.
Correction of personal information of users or children under the age of 14 must be made using the member information correction function provided by the platform provider or the app store operator.

Article 8 Analysis of service usage records
1) The company uses the Advertising identifier information and analysis software to provide a suitable and useful service to users.
2) Ad identifiers, which are non-permanent and non-personal identifiers, such as Android advertising IDs and Apple's advertising IDs, can change the device's settings to deny or reset them for use based on their interests. It is not connected or used to identify individuals.
3) Analysis software is used to analyze information that is automatically generated when a user visits a website or uses a mobile service, and the user may reject it.
1. Android : [Setting] -> [google] -> [Ad Personalization] or [Setting] -> [General setting] -> [Users & accounts] -> [Google] -> [Data & personalization] -> [Ad settings]
2. iOS : [Setting] -> [Privacy] -> [Advertising]

Article 9 Technical / administrative measures of personal information
In processing personal information of users, the company has prepared and implemented technical and managerial measures to ensure stability so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, or altered. However, despite the company's full obligation to protect personal information, the company is not responsible for any problems caused by the leakage of important personal information due to carelessness of the user, such as loss of equipment.
1) Technical measures
1. The company encrypts and stores the user's information specified in the related laws and regulations, and it can be verified and changed personal information only through the request of the user.
2. The company makes it possible to safely transmit personal information on the encrypted network.
3. The company installs security programs to prevent personal information leakage and damage by hacking or computer viruses and performs periodic updates and inspections, and prevents hacking attacks by using devices that block intrusion from the outside.
4. The company periodically backs up personal information in case of an emergency.
2) Administrative measures
1. The company restricts access to personal information to a minimum number of people, and the minimum number of people is as follows.
- A person who directly conducts marketing, event, customer support, and delivery services to users
- Persons in charge of personal information protection, including those in charge of personal information protection
- Persons who are unavoidable in handling personal information for other work
2. The company regularly audits and provides training for personal information handlers and trustees regarding personal information protection obligations.

Article 10. Personal information protection officer and department in charge
In order to protect users' personal information and to handle complaints related to personal information, the company has designated the person in charge of personal information protection and the department in charge as follows.
1) The person in charge of personal information protection
- Name : Lee Kyungmoon / CEO
- E-MAIL :
2) The team in charge of personal information protection
- Department : N6 Co., Ltd / Game service team
- E-MAIL :

Article 11. Change of personal information processing policy
1) In principle, when the company adds, deletes, or modifies the contents of the personal information processing policy, it is a rule to notify through 'Notice' from 7 days before the amendment.

<Supplementary provision>
This policy is effective from 04 20 2021.